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Mary Marvel Spanks Two Men

cover from Marvel Family #49

Marvel Family #49 (July 1950), Fawcett Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/22/2010.

The other new spanking given by Mary Marvel took place in the same book two issues before the one we saw last time, in "The Adult Children" from Marvel Family #49 (July 1950). This time the set-up is different as there is no real villain; rather, the story revolves around a group of adults who have decided to shirk their adult responsibilities so they can live the carefree lives of children.

Mary has to rescue the overaged "children"; first two women building sand castles (which doesn't seem all that dangerous), and then two men who have started a bonfire. The pile of burning material starts to come down on them when Mary arrives and puts out the fire. Alas for Stinky and Butch, she soon starts another fire where they sit down.

story page leading up to spanking

First comes the lecture: "Kids should never play with fire. And since you insist on being kids, you get the same punishment!" In the spanking panel, it's Stinky who's OTK, while Butch rubs his sore backside in the background.

spanking page with Mary Marvel and men who acted like children

spanking panel with Mary Marvel and Stinky

Otto Binder once again supplies the spanking-script, while the artist is unknown, although it may be the same one (or ones) who drew Mary spanking Charlie McBlarney. There as here, the OTK positioning is done fairly well (although Stinky should be a little more forward) and we are forced to admit that Mary is a good spanker, although we'd much rather see her spank some bad girls instead.

spanking panel with Mary Marvel and Stinky

09/27/2013 Update: Here is a better version from a digital scan instead of microfiche which became available some time after this page was posted.

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