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Mary Worth Spanking #2

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For the second episode from Mary Worth, a young woman has set her romantic sights on her Uncle Wally (we don't know if he's her actual uncle or if the title is honorific, but it doesn't matter.) She tells his girlfriend that Wally feels the same about her in order to break them up so she can have Wally for herself. Wally's reaction when he finds out? He hauls her over his knee!

mary worth man spanks misbehaving niece

Written by Allen Saunders and drawn by Ken Ernst. © Publishers Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/08/2010.

This is a very good spanking, with good motivation and OTK positioning. The camera angle in panel 5 is both unusual and delightful as we get a close-up view of her rear end getting smacked while she protests vainly, "You sadistic monster! I have never been so humiliated!" What makes this better than most comic strip scenes is that Wally ignores her protests and goes right on spanking! Yay - she deserves each and every smack for her scheming ways!

Now let's take a look at the following episide, where we see the spanking's aftermath. Mary Worth looks on with approval as the "junior miss jezebel" rubs her sore bottom (we love scenes like that). In fact, she's still rubbing her sore bottom in the last panel - a fine ending to an excellent strip spanking!

after the spanking in mary worth

© Publishers Syndicate.

03/10/2017 Update: Thanks to Andre, we can now identify the date this spanking first appeared: it was July 6, 1960, twelve years after the first (known) spanking in Mary Worth. We also have the surrounding daily strips from 7/05, 7/07, and 7/08 to put the spanking scene in context. Because artist Ken Ernst drew in a realistic style (rather unusual when he and Saunders started the strip in 1938), these improved-quality scans really help us appreciate his artwork. It is interesting to note that although the viewing angle for this spanking is different than the one from 1948, in both cases the spanker has his left hand on the spankee's head, perhaps pulling it up slightly or holding the upper body down. We favor the latter interpretation since Wally's fingers on his left hand are extended, meaning that his hand can't be gripping anything, at least not very tightly.

mary worth man spanks misbehaving niece july 1960

Written by Allen Saunders and drawn by Ken Ernst. © Publishers Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/10/2017.

No sooner had we posted this than Sweetspot managed to find a follow-up strip. It's two days later, July 10, 1960, and Button tries to make amends, admitting to Mrs. Randall that Wally spanked her! We're not quite sure how the strip continuity worked, since this is the Sunday strip and we don't have anything from Saturday the 9th, but obviously very little time has elapsed.

mary worth button apologizes july 1960

July 10, 1960. Scan from Sweetspot. © Publishers Syndicate.

Are there any more spankings from Mary Worth out there? We don't know of any, but you can be sure we'll post any that are discovered right here in the pages of CSR!

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