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Me Tarzan, you Spankee

Here we have the only spanking we know about that actually came from the Tarzan comic strip. Tarzan, like Conan, had started in prose and only later moved to the comics format. The exact date of this strip is unknown, but Bob Lubbers had taken over the artistic reigns, so we believe it to be from the period 1950 - 1960. Lubbers worked on a lot of other strips over a long career, although no other spankings of his come to mind.

We found this at Chross' Forum, where the topic had turned to comic book spankings. Some things to like about it are: (1) Tarzan is enjoying himself; (2) he spanks her despite her protests; (3) good OTK positioning.

tarzan spanks girl

Art by Bob Lubbers. © United Feature Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/09/2010.

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