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Prehistoric Pete Paddling

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cover of spotlight comics #2

Published by Our Army, Inc. (the Harry "A" Chesler line). Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/27/2012. (Click to increase in size).

The cover of Spotlight Comics #2 (January 1945) gives no hint of slapstick spanking - in fact, it resembles the crime pulps of not long before, with The Black Dwarf (don't ask us how they chose that name) looking a whole lot like The Shadow, one of the great pulp heroes. But of course comics were typically 52 pages back then, and a variety of different genres withinin a title was the norm.

Our little story is from a strip called Prehistoric Pete, which is something like the more famous newspaper strip Alley Oop - but not enough like it. On the first page, we meet the principal players: Pete himself, wearing a blue fur cloth; a mother known fondly as "Battleaxe" (which is odd because the battle axe hadn't been invented yet); her children Pebble and Eva; and Pete's rival for Eva's affection, Broomjaw. That rivalry sets our plot in motion, as Eva agrees to go on a date with whichever one of them proves to be the better hunter.

prehistoric pete splash page

Pencils by Joe Beck; inks by "Eppers" (as he is credited in the GCDB). (Click to increase in size).

Broomjaw sneaks up on what he thinks is big game. Unfortunately for him (and us), it's really Battleaxe, bending over to pick some berries.

broomjaw unknowingly sneaks up on battleaxe

Boomjaw stalks his prey.

broomjaw unknowingly sneaks up on battleaxe

Boomjaw whacks Battleaxe.

Broomjaw gives a mighty blow with his club, "paddling" Battleaxe. Why the unknown writer couldn't see how much better it would have been for Eva to get paddled is beyond us. But technically, this is a M/F spanking, and that's how we'll record it.

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