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another spanking from the strip Prince Valiant We have discussed Prince Valiant in the previous entry of this gallery. There was at least one more adult spanking from Hal Foster's great strip, which we bring to you now. Unfortunately, we do not know the date this panel first appeared, or even who these characters are. While not as romantic as Val spanking Aleta, there is a nice mixture of humor with serious spanking intent: "Yes, justice must be done." How true, how true - especially when justice requires that a good spanking be given!

We also like the "tag team" approach, where one guy positions the spankee bottom up and the other one rolls up his sleeve and gets to work. We actually saw a brief spanking being given that way once - in a health club of all places! One guy took hold of this girl's hands and gently pulled her across a desk, while the second guy stayed on the opposite side of the desk and gave her two whacks across her pert little bottom. We were between sets of bench-presses at the time and got to witness the whole spectacle, though alas we did not hear the pre-spanking banter so we cannot report what it was exactly that led up to it. Isn't it amazing that whenever or wherever there's a public spanking, our dedicated Web-Ed always seems to be Mr. Johnny-On-The-Spot, yet when a bill collector comes a'calling, he vanishes like a check in the breeze? Anyway, lest this episode sound at all non-consensual, we must report that she didn't struggle the least little bit and she had a big smile on her face the whole time!

© King Features Syndicate, Inc.; Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/29/2009

same panel altered by funbun

03/12/2010 update: Here is an altered version done by Funbun. As we have mentioned elsewhere, we like the way Funbun bares and rounds the bottom - it emphasizes the "she's really in trouble now!" aspect of spanking.

prince valiant spanking panel from original sunday comic

New scan from from the version of the page below, with color corrections by the Web-Ed (click to triple-size.)

11/13/2015 update: We have finally identified this spanking scene as coming from the January 3, 1954 Prince Valiant strip, and we have the story as well. Apparently a young wife decided to flirt with Sir Gawain by calling to him from her window. But he surprised her by climbing up through the window, only to be surprised himself by the presence of her husband. The husband bravely challenges Sir Gawain even though he's no match for him - what can Gawain do? He doesn't want to kill the husband.

There is but one answer: spank the young wife who caused all the trouble! King Arthur himself could not have made a wiser decision.

Below is the complete page.

prince valiant strip from january 3, 1954 with spanking panel

The Prince Valiant Sunday strip from January 3, 1954. Story and art by Hal Foster. © King Features Syndicate, Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/13/2015 (click to double-size).

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