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veronica spanked by her father

© AP. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/01/2009.

We saw this at Doc Ken's Spanking Minnesota . The original scanner is unknown.

For the third entry in our "Riverdale Spankings" series, we have the other spanking that we know actually took place in the Archie comics themselves. As we remarked in our previous entry, Betty Cooper seemed so nice and innocent that you (almost) hated to see her getting spanked, but Veronica Lodge was another matter. Somewhat spoiled by her wealthy father, it was hard to escape the feeling that some kind of comeuppance was due, and this time she got it! The bystanders apparently felt that way too, for with the exception of a timid-looking gent (bottom right) whom we can picture saying "Oh Dear!", and a short-haired young woman (bottom left) whose expression suggests her worry "That could be me getting my bottom whacked!", they seem to be in favor of Veronica's spanking. Exactly what behavior triggered the spanking is hard to say, but it looks like Mr. Lodge had finally reached his limit. This panel may have been drawn by longtime Archie artist Dan DeCarlo, who also drew humorous spanking cartoons signed "DSD" (you can find some of them in our HUMOR section).

06/03/2011 Update: We have confirmed that this story was indeed pencilled by Dan DeCarlo and scripted by Frank Doyle, who also wrote the other Veronica spanking that we unveiled last week, the "Ming Vase" episode. Before we get into the rest of the story, let's savor a fresh scan of the spanking panel:

veronica spanked by Mr. Lodge

© AP. Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 06/03/2011.

cover of betty and veronica #199

From Robin's collection, now in the hands of the Web-Ed. Art by Dan DeCarlo. © AP.

Thanks to Robin, who sent us a collection of comics published by Archie, we can finally identify the source as Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #199 (July 1972). The cover gives no hint of the spanking inside, which took place in a story entitled "Daddy's Little Girl" that mainly serves to contrast the characters of (no real surprise here) Betty and Veronica.

The event that drives the plot is the school's annual Father-Daughter Dance. Because Mr. Lodge has a business commitment, Veronica decides to have Archie impersonate him at the dance so that she won't be humiliated.

page 5 of betty and veronica #199

© AP.

We see that Betty treats her father better than Veronica treats hers, although we must admit there is an important mitigating factor here, namely, Veronica believes her "father" is really Archie, which he is at least for a while. An interesting moment that had to be handled carefully was when Betty dances with "Mr. Lodge" (really Archie). Betty, who worships Archie, begins to be swept off her feet as they dance together. This prompts Veronica to upbraid Archie, but unfortunately for her Miss Grundy is watching.

page 7 of betty and veronica #199

© AP.

Miss Grundy forces Veronica to apologize to her "father" - note the contrast between Veronica's attitude and Betty's. Then to complicate matters, the real Mr. Lodge shows up and takes Archie's place.

two mr. lodges in betty and veronica #199

© AP.

Veronica, still mad at Archie, takes it out on the real Mr. Lodge - big mistake! After the spanking, Mr. Lodge makes some reference to a stern lecture when they get home, but we'd like to think another good, long spanking was administered as well!

betty and veronica #199 spanking page

Veronica pays the price for being short-tempered and disrespectful. © AP.

Now let's have a final, contrasting look at our two heroines, Betty and Veronica:

betty worships archie

Betty respects her father and worships the ground Archie walks on. Her bottom is raised in submission (taken from another story in this issue). © AP.

veronica tries to rub away the sting

Veronica treats Archie with indifference and is sometimes disrespectful to her father. Her bottom stings like the dickens! © AP.

09/30/2011 update: Hugob00m liked the spanking panel enough to do this variation: Veronica's dress has been pulled up so she gets the spanking (now given by Archie still disguised as Mr. Lodge) on the seat of her slip.

veronica spanking panel enhanced by hugoboom

As enhanced by hugob00m. © AP.

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