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Artwork by Vic Donahue; added 03/06/2009. © Crestwood Publishing Co./Prize Publ.

Similar to the spanking from Range Romances #2 is this one from the similarly-titled Real West Romances #2 (June-July 1949). We discussed the origin of the Western/Romance combination there, so we won't repeat ourselves, but we should say something about the legendary team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who together created the highly successful genre of Romance comics. Earlier, at Timely (later Marvel), they created Captain America and a host of other titles. Later, Kirby returned to Marvel and co-created (with Stan Lee) most of the major titles such as Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Avengers, etc. He may even have had a hand in the most popular of the new Marvel superhero titles, Spider-Man. What S & K's contribution was to Range Romances is not clear; they may have been responsible for "packaging" the contents on a contractual basis for the publisher, such arrangements being not uncommon at that time.
spanking panel from real west romances #2

We found this one at The Jack Kirby Museum . Harry Mendryk comments: "'Rough-House Annie' is little more then a western 'Taming of the Shrew'. I cannot help but believe that this is a case of a lack of understanding by Simon and Kirby of their readership. Would a teenage girl really enjoy the spanking of the lead female? It seems more like a male fantasy to me." Our response is, "It all depends on the teenage girl!" for it is well known that some women in the scene found comics like these quite exciting when they were young. Perhaps more to the point, boys and girls could have enjoyed this scene just as adults might enjoy The Taming of the Shrew or Kiss Me Kate , and for the same reason: there's nothing wrong (and usually everything right!) with a man taking the dominant role in a relationship with a woman, and spanking her when necessary.

Here is a better version of the spanking panel from (where else)

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