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romantic marriage #18 cover

Published by St. John. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/30/2012 (click to double-size).

There can't be too many copies of Romantic Marriage #18 (September 1953) still around, and for that reason little is known about the issue. That it contains a spanking scene was something even we had not suspected until Digital Comics Museum made a copy available from the superb Golden Age collection of JVJ, which we then searched per our usual routine (Ripley over at SpankingPanels may be the only one who already knew about it).

At left we have this issue's cover and below the splash page from the story "Thrill Hungry". Right away we know we've got a good candidate for a spanking as Nita Radford tells us: "I was the rich, reckless, playgirl, whose escapades always made page one of the newspapers!" When she recklessly crash lands her plane at the airport, the young mechanic who carries her from the wreckage tells her "If I were your father, young lady, I'd give you a good spanking!" and our story is off to a promising start! It is in fact this very same young man who later turns the naughty Nita over his knee.

romantic marriage thrill hungry splash page

"If I were your father, young lady, I'd give you a good spanking!"

On page two, we meet Tony, one of the crowd Nita hangs around with, and Nita's father who complains "I can't seem to get anywhere with you!" Apparently it never occurred to him to apply some much-needed parental discipline. At a party, Nita is introduced to the young mechanic, whose name is Ben Gregg.

romantic marriage thrill hungry page 2

Nita's father doesn't understand the correct way to deal with his spoiled brat of a daughter.

As the party scene continues, Nita pushes Ben into the swimming pool, which is such an extreme act of bratting we can't help wondering if she subconsciously realized that she needed to be spanked. But whether she did or not, a spanking is what she gets when Ben climbs out of the pool, and good for him!

romantic marriage #18 thrill hungry spanking page

Nita finally gets what's coming to her after she pushes Ben into the swimming pool.

After the spanking, Nita of course realizes that Ben is just what she wants, and they begin a romance which culminates in marriage. But after a few months, Nita begins to miss the wild and crazy times of her bachelorette days, and when Tony invites her to someone else's party (that Tony!) she accepts at once.

At the party, Nita has a little too much champagne and refuses to go home with Ben, so he leaves alone. Nita then has way too much champagne and goes for a wild ride with Tony. They kiss, and Nita promises to run away with him. When he drives her home, Ben is waiting and quite properly punches him out, but he fails to give Nita a second and harder spanking which she certainly deserved.

romantic marriage #18 thrill page 7

Ben carries Nita over his shoulder. He should have put her over his knee for the second time.

romantic marriage #18 spanking panel

The all-important spanking panel.

At that point, the unknown writer basically loses control of his material and has Nita run off to New York the next morning (last page, not shown here). This makes no sense, but anyway, Ben shows up the next day to take her home, and Nita seems content at last.

Here is the spanking panel. The OTK position isn't bad, although the artist's figures never seem to be in motion - they're always frozen and static. The witnesses, enjoying Nita's comeuppance, add to the fun. We'd prefer a tighter-fitting dress to hug the curves of Nita's backside, however.

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