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Roy Rogers Double Spanking

Actor-singer Roy Rogers became, like Gene Autry, a successful singing cowboy. He had records, movies, radio and T.V. shows, a comic book, and a comic strip, from which this next example of Western-style spanking is taken. (We might mention that Gene Autry gave more than one spanking, but as far as we know that was in movies or T.V. - we've searched all the available Gene Autry comics and found no spankings).

This scene comes very close to being a double-spanking (we suppose that technically it falls short since the Harry/Linda one takes place off-panel, unless there's another panel we haven't seen), with two disobedient girls turned OTK for recklessly endangering their lives, something that we think always justifies spanking even in cases where, like this, it's non-consensual and purely disciplinary. The OTK positioning is pretty good and both spankings are certainly deserved - we only wish we had a better scan of this fine scene. We especially like Roy telling Jean that someday she'll be thanking him for spanking her, and the worried look on Linda's face as Harry takes her aside - she knows she's going to get it good!

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Publication date unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/10/2010.

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