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Scarth Spanking in 2171 A.D.

Scarth is a comic strip we hadn't seen before we ran across this item on Yahoo. It is apparently a Sci-Fi themed strip set approximately 200 years in the future (we believe this was published between 1969 and 1972). Three things told us it was British: (1) The fight takes place in Wembley stadium; (2) the name of our spanker, Ian Scott; (3) Scarth's gratuitous toplessness (they don't have brassieres in 2171?). Checking further, we find that Scarth appeared in the tabloid Sun, which is known for featuring bare bosoms. Benny Hill once did a hilarious satire of British tabloids in which every substantive issue from defense spending (bikini-clad girls lunge forward with bayonets) to capital punishment (girl wearing only a smile and a bikini dangles a noose in front of her) was trivialized in this fashion.

However, the journalistic merit of British newspapers is of less interest to us here than President Lysistrata being defeated in battle by Ian and then turned over his knee. Worthy of note is that Ian does this deliberately to undermine her authority, which indirectly highlights the humbling aspect of spanking, something we think is central to the experience. The Phantom, it will be remembered, did this even more directly with Queen Pera. Comparing the two scenes, we'd have to give the edge to the Phantom, but that's tough competition and Ian does a pretty good job of taking the high-and-mighty Lysistrata down a peg. Another plus is that there is a second spanking panel the next day so that every reader knows what took place.

The spanking works in a double sense: the President says, "Ouch!" and the men watching realize they can rise up against the oppressive regime of the women. "He's smacking the President's bottom like that of a small child!"

"Ian Scott has proven that women are not invincible - overthrow them!"

We may hope there was much more M/F spanking that took place after the female tyrants were deposed. If we had been managing things, we would have decreed that all the female members of President Lysistrata's administration receive their OTK sessions in public so all could watch and cheer!

scarth spanking in the year 2171 a.d.

Art by Luis Roca, script by Jo Addams. Exact publication date unknown, c. 1969-1972. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/17/2010.

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