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Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush

From the original page of Sensation Comics #31 (July 1944), collection unknown. © DC Comics, INC

[Note: this page was extensively renovated with new scans in Jan. 2012 - Web-Ed]

Charles Moulton, who created Wonder Woman, was obviously a kinky guy. Unfortunately, he seems to have been more into bondage than spanking. Our own view is that bondage is o.k., but only if it somehow aids spanking, which is what we see in this picture (notice that her hands are bound): WW is getting spanked in what appears to be a world where the position of adults and children has been reversed. This panel, of which there are at least two scans posted widely on the internet, was taken from Sensation Comics #31 (July, 1944).

"But how do you know that all the bondage and spanking in Wonder Woman's comics is anything other than innocent?" we hear the skeptical among you query. Well, there are several signs, like the sheer frequency of these episodes. However, the real giveaway is the loving detail Moulton lavished on them - not to mention the fact that the participants always seem to be having a very good time. Note the happy expression on WW's face here, despite the fact that the hairbrush is obviously being applied with a good deal of vigor.

Before we go on with more of the story, let's savor a couple of additional versions of this great splash page. At left we see an excellent scan from an unknown source (thanks, whoever you are); at right an animated version that may have been done years ago by Jon (UASketcher). This is the best Wonder Woman spanking we know about in an actual book because of the hairbrush and OTK position. Obviously, if there were a good M/F scene with WW on the receiving end, it would take first place. (Only one instance of a male spanking Wonder Woman is known, in Wonder Woman #2, and it uses a rather awkward prone position).

Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush

Source unknown but appears to be a high-quality version of the original book rather than a reprint. © DC Comics, INC. (Click to increase in size).

Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush animated

Animator unknown, but may have been Jon (UASketcher). © DC Comics, INC

Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush

Source unknown but appears to be an enhanced reprint. © DC Comics, INC.

We never get tired of seeing this one. Wonder Woman OTK getting it good and hard with the hairbrush - what's not to like? - so here's one more version that looks like an enhancement of a reprint edition. The story is a fantasy about the world of Grown-Down Land, where children are in charge and instead of being expected to grow up, it's the adults who are expected to "grow down" instead. Wonder Woman manages to visit Grown-Down Land, so let's see what happens to her when she does...

Upon arriving in Grown-Down Land, Wonder Woman is immediately arrested and taken to "Overgrown Court". Naturally she submits to being handcuffed. The "bailiff" then brings her before a "judge" who's so young he can't even talk yet, but manages to spell out his decisions (sort of) with toy blocks - that's some imagination Marston had! WW is told that if she gets out of her "cage" (a playpen), she'll be spanked. Even better, she doesn't protest the idea of being spanked, as long as the judge gives the order! Alas, he never does, or we'd have been treated to a third spanking scene. As it is, she's ordered to take "grow-down" syrup. At the prison, a girl realizes she can enslave WW with her own magic lasso, which she does.

Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush

From Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 4, scanned by the Web-Ed. © DC Comics, INC.

Eventually, Wonder Woman is brought before the Queen (the one who's seen using the hairbrush in the splash page), and for bringing her young mistress' parents to Grown-Down Land receives the Order of the Distinguished Service Kiss. However, the Queen observes "You haven't grown down yet -- for that you must be branded!"

Now here's the best part: the "brand" referred to is "the red mark of displeasure" that WW must wear on her behind "until the smart from this spanking wears off!" Yep, you read right - an explicit mention is made in a comic book of Wonder Woman's red and stinging rear end - WOW!! Here is the panel, the second of WW getting spanked in this story, and which has never before appeared on the internet as far as we know:

Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush - for the 2nd time!

Wonder Woman gets spanked with a hairbrush by the young Queen! © DC Comics, INC.

The position is different this time, with Wonder Woman sort of bent over in a kneeling position, her wrists still bound by her own magic lasso. It's more of a paddling than a spanking this way, although we would have preferred her standing up with her hands on her knees. In a rather strange touch, three babies watch and cheer as Wonder Woman takes her swats from the Queen (we know just how they feel!).

We can't help observing that since the "red mark of displeasure" was intended to brand WW as a sort of laggard, there was really no point in leaving the "brand" where the general public wouldn't see it. We have to wonder if Marston realized this, and in his own mind pictured WW displaying the "brand" on her bared bottom for all to see. That would have been more in keeping with the spanking's stated purpose, but aside from the fact that nothing of the kind could have been published, did he realize how twisted it would have been to have children involved in such a scene? Even as written, the story may well give us pause, but as a matter of psychological fact, it would likely be far less harmful to children to give rather than receive spankings, something that Marston, as a psychologist, may have realized. This is a point we may expand further upon in a future article on spanking psychology.

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