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Wonder Woman spanks a soldier

It's time for more spanking fun with the one and only Wonder Woman! In this first of three examples, we see that WW is a great believer in military discipline as she administers some whacks with a wicked-looking paddle to a soldier wearing the uniform customary in ancient times. And in those days, soldiers were indeed subjected to disciplinary floggings. Maybe that's why Wonder Woman enlisted herself (in her secret identity of Diana Prince), hoping to get in on all the fun. Unfortunately, the happy days of military corporal punishments were already part of the past by the time she joined up in World War II - pity.

This drawing is in the early WW style (including the characteristic weird paddle), but we don't recognize or remember where it came from. The scan was cropped in a way that cut off some lettering at the top and we can't make out the signature at the bottom, either. Assuming this did indeed come from the comics, it is the only example we have seen of WW spanking a male rather than a female. As we have explained elsewhere, Moulton was not the guy to provide us with scenes of WW being spanked by a male character - drat! [Not quite true, as we found out later - see the update below.]

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splash page of Wonder Woman spanking soldier

© DC Comics Inc.

January 2010 update: Now we can give you the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say. We've come across a complete version of the splash page above and an additional panel that explain what's going on. To begin with, let's straighten out the credits: the story is by WW creator Charles Moulton (William Moulton Marston), and the signature we couldn't make out before is now clearly that of Harry Peter, Moulton's long-time artistic collaborator. This page must therefore have come from a wartime-era issue of either Sensation Comics or Wonder Woman (exact issue unknown). [Note: now positively identified as Wonder Woman #2, (Fall 1942)].

The story involves the schemes of Mars (the Roman god of war), who has his headquarters on -- Mars (the planet)! He is opposed by Wonder Woman, who somehow winds up fighting one of Mars's minions. The fight seems to resemble a gladitorial combat, except that instead of trident vs. sword, the weapons of choice are club vs. paddle! The soldier tricks WW into reaching the end of her chain (yes, she's bound once again, this time around the ankles), which causes her to fall down. The soldier then moves in for the "kill" - he paddles her! Now, that's our kind of fighting move!

And so the sight we always wanted to see in WW's comics but never thought we would has finally come to pass: Wonder Woman gets paddled by a man! Unfortunately, the positioning and the paddle are both really weird - apparently Peter had never seen a proper sorority paddle, nor did he understand how to bend the spankee over, judging from the panels here and the way he drew the Holliday girls' rituals. To no one's surprise, we learn from a caption that WW was spanked by her mother when she was a child. Most revealing are WW's thoughts: "No man is going to spank me" [emphasis in the orginal], implying that she was perfectly o.k. with getting spanked by another woman even as an adult!

interior page of Wonder Woman on ground getting spanked Wonder Woman paddles soldier

After clubbing the guy, Wonder Woman proceeds to pay him back in his own coin by paddling him as shown on the splash page. Let's see - WW in bondage? Check. WW spanked? Check. WW spanking someone else? Check. Yes, this is a genuine Wonder Woman comic, all right! Oh Marston, we really miss you!

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