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Weird Spankings #27 - Spy Smasher Double-Paddling

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cover of spy smasher #10

Cover of Spy Smasher #10 (January 27, 1943). Art by Alex Blum. The artist had been unknown until identified by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. from whose magnificent collection these scans were made. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/17/2014.

Our next Weird Spanking comes from Spy Smasher #10 (January 27, 1943). Spy Smasher was one of Fawcett's better-known characters during the war years, behind Captain Marvel of course, and given the number of female spies encountered in the comics of the day, it would not have been surprising if he had encountered one and found it necessary to give her a good spanking. Unfortunately, it never happened, and we're left instead with only this encounter with an all-male group of Japanese spies.

Spy Smasher confronted the bad guys in a boat house or fishing shed, and after using a fishing rod, he picks up a boat oar and administers a double-paddling - ouch! He makes reference to how commonplace paddling used to be when he says, "I'll bet you punks haven't felt a paddle since you were kids!" We're going to sound like a broken record here, but - why couldn't the villains have been female?

double-paddling sequence from spy smasher #10

Spy Smasher lives up to his name by smacking the spies with a boat oar! Art by Alex Blum.

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