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Teen Confessions #49

We begin a new series of three spankings from Charlton Romance. The first of these is, frankly, pretty lame, but we're including it because technically it does occur on-panel, even though it's only one swat and the storytelling gives it the least possible emphasis both verbally and visually. Below is the panel immediately after the swat. We do have the effect lines, which is something, but we didn't actually get to see a single swat landing on target. Strangely, Ty seems to be holding a slipper or sandal in his left hand, although Maggie tells us that it's his "heavy hand" and not some weird orange footwear that caused the "sharp, blinding pain" in her posterior.

spanking panel from Teen Confessions #49

From Teen Confessions #49 (May 1968). Art by Vince Colletta. © Charlton. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/24/2010.

Here is the entire page from the story, "Dream of Heartbreak". We do have Maggi's reaction to the swat, but there's no build-up and, regrettably, no OTK positioning either. Considering that she's in the middle of a semi-serious seduction of another man, we think her boyfriend, Ty, was rather too restrained. What we should have had in this scene is a verbal confrontation ("I'll teach you to take up with other men - you're going to get a good spanking!") followed by a panel where Ty takes Maggi OTK, followed by another panel where we see his hand coming down on her bottom, followed by a third panel in which we see Maggi, having been allowed to get off Ty's knee, is now ruefully rubbing her sore bottom!

spanking page from Teen Confessions #49

© Charlton.

As was common in Charlton books, the script and artwork are both uncredited, and the Grand Comics Data Base has no information either. However, the inks are obviously by Vince Colletta, with a strong probability that he did the pencils as well, while the script was most likely by longtime Charlton scribe Joe Gill.

cover of Teen Confessions #49

The cover. © Charlton.

Here's the issue's cover. This book was on our "suspected spanking" list, one of those which come to our attention typically through rumor or catalogue description. It can be very difficult to track these things down, especially since we no longer have either the time or the funds for active comic collecting, but fortunately in this case we found a supply of Charlton books at reasonable prices and managed to pick it up along with three others in August 2010.

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