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Bob and Swab Spank a Bar Girl

Like many of Quality's books, Hit Comics had a variety of features of different types. Bob and Swab was one of those strips, running for years behind lead features like Kid Eternity (we recently saw a Kid Eternity spanking from Hit Comics #27 in this gallery). As you might expect, Bob and Swab began during the war years and showcased the misadventures of a sailor and a marine (who strangely for a marine was assigned to Swab's ship).

This spanking is from Hit Comics #54 (September, 1948). Having found themselves in a clip joint (a place that cheats customers out of their money, for you younger folks), the boys do the only thing they can - fight their way out. Once again, we see a spanking that occurs in the middle of a fight, where it would have been unacceptable to strike a woman (we don't consider adult spanking to be hitting). The girl at right wearing the green outfit has a worried expression on her face as she sees the one wearing orange taken OTK - we hope her fears were justified and that she and the girl in red both got the same treatment after Swab was finished with the first one.

hit comics bob and swab spanking

Yes, spanking is "better'n maneuvers any day!" Art by Klaus Nordling. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/10/2010.

hit comics #54 complete page

The complete page from Hit Comics #54.

The spanking itself isn't bad, although the artist, Klaus Nordling, makes the common mistake of spanking with the wrong hand. As we've pointed out elsewhere, this error results from composing the panel in a way which would logically require the left hand be used, then assuming the spanker must be right-handed. The correct solution is to have the spanker use his left hand (easier than re-composing the entire panel), since we really don't care if he's truly left-handed or is a right-handed guy just using his left hand.

Nordling evidently was not a spanko - if he had been, he probably would have found a way to show us more good-looking young women getting spanked. Why couldn't we have had just one panel with his Lady Luck (below) over someone's knee?

lady luck #87 cover

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