Chicago Spanking Review

Weird Spankings #15: Captain Marvel Spanks on the Bear

We've heard of spanking on the bare, but spanking on the bear? Something we never thought we'd see, and never wanted to see, was Captain Marvel spanking a bear. We know he didn't mean to be cruel to the poor beast, but couldn't he have found a better way to protect Mr. Morris? We don't post funny-animal spankings here at CSR, and our policy is still intact - there's nothing funny about this one, although it does quality as weird.

This is one Marvel Family spanking incident we can't definitely ascribe to Otto Binder (the writer is unknown). The art is by C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza.

captain marvel spanks a bear

From Whiz Comics #17 (May 1941), microfiche scan. Published by Fawcett.

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