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Weird Spankings #14: Mary Marvel Ghost Spanking

mary marvel comic ghost spanks descendent

From Wow Comics #19 (November 1943). Published by Fawcett. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/29/2010.

Here we see an example of discorporal punishment, which certainly qualifies as a spooky spanking. A pirate ghost spanks his own descendent to keep him from choosing the wrong path in life. Except for maybe a couple of incidents in Casper the Friendly Ghost, this is the only example of ghost-spanking we can think of. In fact, twice it came close to being another Mary Marvel spanking instead!

First when the ghost tells the young man, "Mary Marvel gave it to me later" he's speaking figuratively - Mary had gone back to the past, when he was a living pirate, and slugged it out with him, but didn't actually turn him OTK. The second time is just before the spanking panel (see below) - Mary is charging towards the youth, saying "He needs a lesson," but before she can apply the OTK treatment (which we know from previous experience she's prepared to do) the ghost intercedes and does it himself!

The complete page. The spanking-script is once again by Otto Binder with art by his brother, Jack Binder.

the complete spanking page

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