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sivana spanked by own robot while captain marvel jr watches

Art by Kurt Schaffenberger, who also drew many pages of the "Superman Family" titles. © Fawcett Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2010

For our new series, "The Weirdest Comic-Book Spankings of All Time", we have decided to exclude anything involving Wonder Woman, because WW spanking is in a class by itself (you could write a book on the subject), but other superheroes are fair game, provided the spanking occurred in one of their actual comic-book appearances. We'd like to insist that the spankee be female, but unfortunately most of the examples we've unearthed are M/M.

In the second entry, we not only have a superhero, we also have another robot, this time on the cover of Captain Marvel Jr. #93 (January 1951). Created by Sivana Jr. (son of Captain Marvel's arch-foe Dr. Sivana Sr.), the robot turned against him (and turned him over its knee!). As he's being spanked, he exclaims "Not me - him!", giving the reader the impression that Sivana Jr. built a robot whose sole capability was giving a spanking. Not the best way to conquer the world, Doc, although it would be great fun to try it out on Mary Marvel, or any other superheroine. We think in the actual story line, Sivana Jr. intended the robot to kill Freddy (CM Jr.), who thwarted the evil scheme by befriending the robot, naming it "Mr. Tinny", and turning it into one of the good guys. And the job of the good guys is to spank the bad guys! (With apologies to Wally Wood. And if you recognize this reference, you know too much about comics for your own good.)

We mentioned last time that Science Fiction really took off in the 1950's even though it had been around for several decades by then. One sign of this greater presence was that only six issues earlier, another robot made the cover of Captain Marvel Jr. #87 (with no spanking, however -- see below), suggesting that robots were nothing unusual:

robot on cover of Captain Marvel Jr. #87

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