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weird robot with a whip

Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2010

robospanker on stern radio show

For the third entry in our series "The Weirdest Comic-Book Spankings of All Time" and the third featuring robots, we have this one from and old bondage comic found at Bondage Blog via Spanking Blog. Any kind of robot-involved spanking seems weird to us, and this robot with six arms seems even weirder. Frankly, that's our reaction to a lot of bondage stuff - and on top of that often the spankings aren't done very well. As a 2nd victim looks on, the first is strapped to a table in an uncomfortable position, about to be flogged (among other things). The artist is unknown, but may have been John Willie.

There is an actual robot spanking device, by the way. Called "Robospanker", we found it several years ago on the company's website. Howard Stern has one in his studio (see picture at left). The Robospanker really does work, swinging a paddle with adjustable force. But while we like the fact that it uses a paddle and wish the manufacturer well, to those women who might consider using one we offer the following advice: There are plenty of men in the world willing to supply the same function. Find one, put that paddle in his hand, bend over, and you'll soon be getting those stinging swats where you need them the most - and without having to pretend to friends and family that the big machine in the corner is really for resistance training!

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