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Weird Spankings #21: Squirrel Spanks Girrel!

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To begin another series of Weird Spankings we have something you don't see everyday: a squirrel spanking a girl in a kissing booth! This occurred in Top Notch Laugh Comics #35 (April 1943) in a back-up feature which was not exactly top-notch called Snoop McGook. There's really no way to make sense of the story, but here's the splash page. Snoop is playing marbles (we think he must have already lost his) with Waldo the Squirrel:

mcgook splash from top notch #35

Published by MLJ (Archie) and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/01/2011.

top notch #35 spanking set-up

When we next find our stalwart heroes, McGook is at a kissing booth (the "bond" referred to in the sign is of course a war bond) and Waldo is chewing his way out of the closet where McGook left him. Waldo finds McGook (no sense in asking how) and determines to "fix him" for locking Waldo in the closet. But what can a squirrel do?

top notch #35 spanking panel

Answer: he takes out his little paddle and gives the girl a good swat while she's kissing McGook! "Oh, a fresh guy, eh?" she says, and she belts him!

We can't blame Waldo for being upset, since McGook is a McJerk, and that swat won't do the "babe" (as the sign respectfully refers to her) any harm. As silly as this is, we had to count it as a real spanking. At least it was M/F, unlike the other Weird Spankings in this series...

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