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Sergeant Boyle Spanks Angel

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Continuing with spankings from the Great Golden Age Comic Spanking Search, we don't have to go very far from where we left off (PEP Comics #7) to find the next one (PEP Comics #8). As we mentioned, The Shield, MLJ's number one super-hero, was the lead feature and once again appears on this issue's cover. Sergeant Boyle, a backup feature, is what we're interested in.

cover from pep #8

Cover of PEP Comics #8 (September 1940). Art by Irv Novick. Published by MLJ (Archie) and posted by the Web-Ed on 02/25/2011.

sgt boyle splash page

Splash page, script by Abner Sundell and art by Charles Biro. (Click to enlarge).

The plot, which takes place in a contemporary (1940) setting, is fairly simple: General Tynwall wants to get his daughter Angel safely out of Antwerp before the Germans invade. He sends for Sgt. Boyle, an American who enlisted in the British Army, to effect her rescue. Boyle arrives at Angel's hotel, but she stubbornly refuses to leave and sics two local goons on him.

The strapping Boyle throws off the bully boys and dodges the crockery she throws at him, all the while trying to reason with her: "You pig-headed brat! If we don't get out of here before the heinies come, we'll both be shot!" The key word in this speech is "brat" which alerts us that a spanking is in the offing. And well-deserved it is, too!

page 35 from pep #8

The complete page 2. (Click to enlarge).

sgt boyle spanking page

The complete page 3. (Click to enlarge).

Finally, Boyle has had enough: "I know what you need!" he says, turning her over his knee and reaching for the ping-pong paddle on the table behind them (how many hotel rooms are furnished with ping-pong tables, anyway?). Boyle doesn't actually apply the paddle to the target, an unfortunate lapse - he should have laid it on good and hard until she gave in and agreed to be reasonable - but we're going to consider this a full-fledged spanking anyway. The variant OTK positioning (with one leg bent) is very good, reminding us of the way the Kiss Me Kate spanking is often staged. Our spankee, Angel, is quite attractive with nice long legs, and having her head raised is an added plus since this causes her back to arch and her bottom to be turned up more, something that is easier to enforce in a bent-over position. Another plus is the use of a paddle, which is rare in comic-book spankings. (In practice, ping-pong paddles are too thin and their handles too short to work well, but we must admit even we would be hard pressed to dream up a logical reason for there to have been a good spanking-paddle lying around a hotel room).

sgt. boyle spanking panels

Solid art by Charles Biro, whose work was discussed in reference to the spanking in Dickie Dean. We mentioned there that as a writer, Biro did not tend to produce the kind of stories that would have a spanking scene. Here he undertakes only the artist's chores, so it was Abner Sundell, about whom we know little, who dreamed up the spanking.

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