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Wicked Wanda Spanks Candyfloss

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wicked wanda spanks candyfloss with a hairbrush

Art by Ron Embleton. © Penthouse Media Group Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 01/29/2010

In this second example of spankings from Oh Wicked Wanda, Wanda is spanking her gal pal Candyfloss. Once again, we have no idea what's going on, and at this point we're wondering if anyone even at the time could have followed Frederic Mullally's meandering plots. But again, Ron Embleton's work shines through, and these are a couple of good spankings even if they don't seem to fit into the "story".

04/08/2011 Update: Bill remembered both of these episodes:

"In the first one, Candyfloss had starred in some sort of movie Wanda made, and was getting a little too big for her britches, making demands, and threatening to scream if they were not met, causing Wanda to paddle her bottom. The second is rather complicated, Wanda had some crazy time travel scheme going on, and Candyfloss spent two or three installments in a medieval dungeon while Wanda was off trying to work her scheme. Bored in the dungeon, Candyfloss triggered the auto return on the time travel device causing both her and Wanda to go home. Wanda was upset at the interruption of her plans, grabbed a slipper and you can guess the rest."
Thanks once again, Bill!

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