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wicked wanda disciplines her army with a riding crop

From the pages of Penthouse magazine comes Oh Wicked Wanda, which was Penthouse's answer to Playboy's Little Annie Fanny during the 1970's. Wanda did have several spankings, two of which we'll see now. In this first example, we see that Wanda is preparing to administer ritualized discipline with a riding crop to the troops of her all-female army. No, we don't understand what this is all about, and no, we don't care. The spankee is bending over with her head up and back arched, which would leave her in perfect position if only her knees were kept straight.

After an earlier incarnation in prose form, Oh Wicked Wanda returned as a comic strip, written by Frederic Mullally and painted by Ron Embleton. We never followed it closely, since even the superior Little Annie Fanny was unable to hold our interest for some reason during those years, but Embleton did a nice job and of course we welcome the spanking scenes.

Art by Ron Embleton. © Penthouse Media Group Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 01/29/2010

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