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Winnie The Waitress Sorority Paddling

cover of green hornet #44

Cover of Green Hornet #44 (March 1949). Published by Harvey. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2011.

The Green Hornet was a successful radio program that spawned a T.V. series (remembered today largely for Bruce Lee's role as Kato, although Van Williams made a good Green Hornet) and a comic book. Surprisingly, three of the eight spankings in Golden Age Harvey comics we found came from this title - even though neither all the issues nor the lead feature, Green Hornet himself (because not in the public domain), were available. That fact would seem to make Green Hornet worthy of further research to the extent possible.

We have the lesser of the two X/F spankings now, from a filler strip called Winnie The Waitress. This was the kind of alliterative title Stan Lee used to dream up for Atlas (Nellie The Nurse, Millie the Model), although we have no idea who the creative personnel were in this case. Below is the complete page containing a rather tame sorority paddling. If a paddle line is to be formed, you certainly don't have the spankee running through it. The paddlers should be lined up with the initiate bending over to receive a swat from each in turn. Obviously, the artist had neither any interest in spanking nor any knowledge of how to form a paddle line.

green hornet #44 page 21

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green hornet #44 spanking panel

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