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Etta Candy Faces the Cheetah's Lash

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From Sensation Comics #22, (Oct 1943) comes another example involving Etta Candy, which we located at Asylums Insane Journal. It's not clear whether The Cheetah (whom we first met here) intends to apply her lash to Etta's back or backside. We don't care for non-spanking whipping, so we'll hope it was the latter. We recognize that as spanking, this example isn't the greatest, but we decided to include it because when you take into account not only the lash but the kinky animal costumes and excessive bondage, this is a truly amazing document for the time (1943). Once again, we marvel at how much Charles Moulton was able to get away with.

the cheetah lashes etta candy

Art by Harry Peter. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 03/05/2010

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