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The Amazons Celebrate Diana's Day With More Spanking

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holliday girls spank with tennis raquet

When we first saw this panel, we thought it depicted another typical day in the lives of the girls of Beeta Lamda sorority. But as we thought about the line "It's a sissy spanker from the man's world", it finally dawned on us that we were looking at Wonder Woman's sister Amazons on Paradise Island. We've been introduced to them here and here in two of the rare non-spanking pages in this gallery.

The scene takes place during the Amazons' celebration in honor of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. One Amazon is chosen to be Diana, and wearing a mask to conceal her identity she gives presents to the others. (In this case, it's Princess Diana, a/k/a Wonder Woman, playing the part of her namesake).

Let's examine the Amazons' thought processes. When one of them sees a tennis raquet for the first time, she immediately concludes that it's for spanking! Oh, of course - what else could it be? And the reaction of the spankee? She's disappointed! "Pooh! It doesn't hurt." What a kinky bunch! But the scene displays the unique kind of charm that Moulton had at his best. It's funny without the rather sinister overtones attending the sorority scenes that we commented on last time.

Art by Harry Peter. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 02/05/2010

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