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This was the only M/F spanking we found in the Prize Comics line during our Great Golden Age Comic Spanking Search. It's from "Imitation Wife" in Young Romance #70 (June 1954), and it isn't a good scene because unlike most of those we find in romance comics, this one takes place between a daughter and her abusive father. In fact, this is probably the worst adult M/F spanking scene we can think of in a comic book. Since Ruth is fully grown, and no abuse is actually shown, we decided its inclusion in this gallery was justified by its historical interest even absent any other positive factors.

most of page 18 from young romance #70

Page 2. Published by Prize Comics and posted by the Web-Ed on 03/11/2011.

spanking panel from young romance #70

Everything about this scene is wanting. The emotional context is unpleasant, the positioning haphazard, the composition awkward (where is Ruth's right leg?), and the spanking itself is aborted. Neither the art or the script is credited, and while the lead story bears the "Produced by Simon and Kirby" imprint, neither it nor "Imitation Wife" really look like they were drawn by the great team. We noted on the Missed Opportunities topic of the Comic Book Spanking Forum that there was a story in the preceding issue (#69) that looked like it might have been drawn by John Romita Sr. We don't think Romita did the pencils here, however - it doesn't look like his style and he generally does a better job with his layouts than these - and we don't think he did the inking, either. But Jack Abel is a clear possibility for the inks.

In case anyone is wondering, we should emphasize that we make our stylistic assessments before we do any research on the putative artist or company to avoid any possible bias. After Abel came to mind, we consulted Lambiek and found out that he did indeed work for Prize during this period. Not definitive, but it's the best we can do for now.

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