doc cylon animated paddling of judy jetson

© Julius Zimmerman. posted by the Web-Ed on 11/06/2009

Here is the second example of Julius Zimmerman providing the enterprising spanking animator, Doctor Cylon, with irresistible subject matter. Judy Jetson lowers her drawers, "coincidentally" leaving her in something close to the classic hands-on-knees position, with her knees straight, head and shoulders up, back arched, and fanny turned up and sticking out as far as possible. It did not take Doc Cylon very long to decide that the only thing missing was a wood paddle, which he lost no time in adding! Novice paddlers take note: this is a model for how your paddlee (if there is such a word) should be positioned (see the paddling articles How To Paddle and General Spanking Information for a further discussion of proper positioning).

We never cared much for Hanna-Barbera's The Jetsons, viewing it as a knock-off of HB's own The Flintstones, itself a knock-off of The Honeymooners. It was only in prime time for a year (1962-63), but it was then rerun on Saturday mornings for what seemed to us like forever. We do like this animation, however - in fact, it's our favorite of all the Doc Cylon paddlings we have seen so far, because of the loving detail he lavished on the sizzling moment of impact, the "backfield in motion" aftereffects, and because Zimmerman's positioning of Judy to receive the swats could not have been more perfect.

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