harley quinn after batman spanked her

posted by the Web-Ed on 12/18/2009

In the "Batgirl Hits Bottom" series over in the Comics Section we've seen a few features involving Harley Quinn, so this is the right time (not that there could ever be a wrong time) to post Doctor Cylon's animated take on the character here. We mentioned that we have seen a couple of drawings with Harley being spanked by the Joker (and we'll be posting them in short order), and while this is something that very likely would take place, the idea still makes us a little uneasy because given the nature of their relationship, any spanking could be exploitative rather than loving. (We know: we probably shouldn't take this so seriously since we're only dealing with fictional characters here, not real ones.) We are really only comfortable with three kinds of spankings: the "let justice be done" type, where the guilty culprit receives a well-deserved punishment, the "caring discipline" type, administered out of genuine love and concern, and the "just for fun" type, where the activity is obviously consensual. Of course, these types may overlap somewhat.

On the other hand, we have no problem with Harley being spanked by Batman: "Let justice be done!" we say. Doc Cylon obviously feels the same way, so he took this four-suits-themed non-spanking work (artist unknown) and added the reddening bottom animation.

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