Paula Meadows Spanking Over The Desk, Colored by Doctor Cylon

paula meadows F/F spanking over desk

Original art by Paula Meadows. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/19/2010

Let's start with the original this time before seeing what Doctor Cylon can do with it. This drawing has been credited to Paula Meadows, and it is in finely-rendered pencils much as Paula usually employs, although there's something about it that looks a little different to us, much like these examples we posted a while back. In any case, this does appear to be the original on which the two following alterations were based (the three were found separately at different locations).

More of Paula's work can be found in the Picture Gallery section.

caption added to the drawing above

Bent over the desk is an excellent position, and although Paula drew the spanking by hand, one which lends itself to paddling or caning. First, the spanker's right hand has been redrawn to hold a cane, and the characteristic stripes have been added to the spankee's bottom. A caption has been added as well, by whom we don't know. Overall, this version works pretty well.

color added to the first drawing

Doctor Cylon added colors to the figures in the original drawing. This version also works well.

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