Bad Pixie

doc cylon colored zimmerman pixie spanking

Colors by Dr. Cylon. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2011.

What is it about fairies and pixies that makes us want to spank them? It could be that their cute impishness tempts us to bring them under control, or the short skirts they usually wear make us think of how easy it is to flip them up out of the way to deliver some well-placed spanks. Whatever it is, Julius Zimmerman and Doctor Cylon were of one mind here in this drawing that Zimmerman titled simply "Bad Girl".

Doc Cylon had earlier employed a rubber band in a similar drawing, but here Zimmerman himself supplied a suitable spanking implement in the form of a flexible eraser, so the good Doctor only needed to add some color. Using two strips of clear tape for the bondage element was a nice touch, although the knees should always be kept straight for effective swats in any of the bent-over positions.

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