Chicago Spanking Review

The Paddling of Penelope Pitstop

By Doctor Cylon


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When motorist Penelope Pitstop spends too much time gabbing on her cell phone and not enough looking out for traffic, a police inspector gives her a bare-bottom spanking!


Author's disclaimer: This story is not related to, or even part of Hanna-Barbera productions or Warner Brothers Inc.

Web-Ed's notes: Although best known to CSR readers for his colorizations and animations, Doctor Cylon did write Horatio and Carrie's Burning Bottom for our Fiction section back in 2009. Any resemblance of the characters in this story, The Paddling of Penelope Pitstop, to those of similar names owned by Hanna-Barbera productions or Warner Brothers Inc. is purely coincidental, and no ownership of any such characters by Doctor Cylon or Chicago Spanking Review is implied or asserted.

 © Doctor Cylon, all rights reserved. Reformatted and copy-edited by Web-Ed.

This story is intended for mature adults and is not suitable for children.

"The spanks were landing so rapidly, her hapless bottom reddened, stung and bounced deliciously, making her cry, wail and bawl like a little girl!"

It was a long train, so our heroine, Penelope Pitstop, made a cell phone call to a close friend of hers. While she talked on and on, the train went through and the crossing gates lifted, and she was so engrossed with her conversation that she took little note of that. She was also blocking traffic.

Inspector Harry Callahan rode up to where the young, Southern blonde sat and said, "What do you think you're doing here?"

She replied courteously, "Well, that freight train was takin' it's li'l ol' time, so I..."

"The train went through already, and you've been blocking traffic for ten minutes, now," stated the police inspector.

"I do declare! I'll just be on my way," said Penelope.

"Not so fast!" stated "Dirty" Harry as he directed the other cars to go around the Compact Pussycat. He then opened her car door and pulled her roughly out, saying "We still need to have a slight conversation about it." Without another word, he turned her around and forced her to bend over the hood of her car.

"What are y'all going to do to li'l ol' me?" she asked, rather nervously.

He then cuffed her, lifted her hot pink jacket above her waist, and downed both her red riding britches and her pink panties with one decisive yank, baring her nice, white, plump, ample bottom.

"Oh....NO!" she said in a panicky voice!

With that, his calloused right palm landed with a painful upsweep SMACK! that sent ripples through her soft, gelatinous right buttock!

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" she wailed as she felt the fiery slap that left a nice, red palm print that hurt like HELL!

WHACK! SLAP! SPANK! The spanks were landing so rapidly, her hapless bottom reddened, stung and bounced deliciously, making her cry, wail and bawl like a little girl!

As he reached one hundred, the brutal spanking FINALLY ended. It took a while before Penelope finally realized that. Dirty Harry un-cuffed her, yanked up her panties, her red britches and straightened out her jacket. He looked her straight in the eye and snarled, "Get out of here!"

The ride home for her was agony. Though it was only fifteen minutes, the burning, searing, holocaustic pain made the trip feel like ten times the distance.

Once home, she removed all her clothes, and walked into her bedroom where she had a full-length mirror to view the damage. To her shock, her entire bottom was a disaster that nearly dis-assed her. The view alone made her start bawling again.

It took two weeks for her to fully recover completely.

penelope pitstop gets the doctor cylon treatment showing her red bottom after her paddling penelope pitstop spanked collage by doctor cylon

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