Geo. Morrice Stern Discipline

stern discipline spanking

Art by George Morrice. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/25/2010

In this fourth episode in our George Morrice series, a young woman asks while being spanked, "Is this what you meant when you said you will impress me with your stern discipline?" The (implied) answer is, "Yep - that's pretty much what I meant!" This isn't much of a gag since it's hard to imagine any other interpretation of the phrase "stern discipline", and it may well be that Abe Goodman rewrote Morrice's original caption, but this is nonetheless a pretty good cartoon. The positioning is somewhat unusual (a variation of bending over in which the spanker's leg takes the place of a chair back, table, spanking horse, etc. - almost a combination of OTK and bending over) but attractive, and our only reservation is the excessive modesty in having the spankee's dress not raised completely out of the way. As we have remarked previously, bare bottoms were of course out of the question during the period (1950's) when this cartoon probably first appeared, but spankings could be given on panties or a slip.

morrice like a father spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/02/2011. (Click to double-size)

09/09/2011 Update: The third Morrice "spanker" from the March 1956 issue of Comedy was the original version of the cartoon presented above. Our prior speculation that Abe Goodman had rewritten Morrice's original caption has been borne out, since "Is this what you meant by being like a father to me?" goes much better with the drawing than the later "stern discipline" caption did. And many young women could benefit from the same type of guidance and discipline we see on display here.

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