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a saucy mermaid gets spanked by an old sailor

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/04/2011

We came across this darling little cartoon at Spanking At first we didn't quite see what was going on, but on closer inspection we realized that the mermaid had been taunting the sailor as he cruised by innocently in his rowboat, even thumbing her nose at him. The little scamp!

Resolving to teach her a much-needed lesson in respect, the sailor hauls her into his boat and turns her over his knee. Then he encounters the problem all of us Tops have faced at one time or another - how do you spank a mermaid? She doesn't seem to have a bottom, exactly, so how can you apply the spanks? Seeing his puzzlement, she laughs and even thumbs her nose at him for the second time! What a naughty mermaid she is!

Ever-resourceful, the old salt finds a solution: once you take down her "pants", revealing her cute little bare bottom, it's "Haul away, Joe!" What we like best about the last panel are the expressions, with the sailor smiling in triumph and the mermaid's smirk replaced by a look of alarm as she realizes she's vulnerable now and is going to get spanked but good! Lay the swats on well, matey - she's got it coming to her for her impertinence!

This little humor cartoon is so perfect in its way that we really wish we knew who the cartoonist was, but we don't recognize the style and there is no signature.

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