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We don't remember where we came across this cartoon, but it seems to embody the kind of old-fashioned humor that was commonplace when we were young - er, a long time ago. It appeals to the kind of sensibility that finds a wooden cut-out of a fat lady in a polka-dotted dress bending over to be the height of wit when planted in the lawn or garden. (For ourselves, we favored the variation we used to drive past daily that had a pretty girl bending over to reveal polka-dotted panties, before some censorious type took it down).

Anyway, our carpenter here finds himself tempted to use a board for a paddle when confronted with a bent-over woman. We know just how he feels! One interesting thing about this scene is that it reminds us that there is what we might call a "limited universality" to spanking; that is, to a limited extent the desire to give a bent-over person a good whack with a paddle may be found in almost everyone. This is why some people can learn to become Tops even though they didn't have any spanking desires when growing up. We'll say more about this in a future article on the whys of spanking.

a saucy mermaid gets spanked by an old sailor

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/11/2011

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