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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#116 - Swat the Mosquito (Behind)

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man pretends to swat mosquito on woman's behind

From Gaze (February, 1958). Scanned from the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 11/30/2012 click to double-size).

Let's leap ahead three years after the date of Ericson's Fly-Swatter Spanking, which we saw last time, to the February, 1958 issue of Gaze. By that time, spanking cartoons had become common in the Humorama digests, and indeed Herc Ficklen had done another one involving a fly-swatter similar to Ericson's which we'll see later as part of this series. One big change wrought by this avalanche of fanny-whacking was that it was o.k. now to use the hand instead of a fly-swatter (Frank Beaven did one of these later, while Bill Ward did two whose first publication dates are still uncertain), and that is what our unknown artist did in this case.

The gag here, very similar to the Ward examples, is that our spanker uses swatting mosquitoes as an excuse to whack a pretty girl's bottom repeatedly while the spankee is puzzled by the fact that mosquitoes have never been found around there before! The only problem with this gag is that you can't really work the OTK position in, but at least this time we get a spankee who's wearing a bikini and some nice stinging effect lines (rare in Humorama "spankers") radiating from the area targeted by both those imaginary mosquitoes and her all-too-real spanko boyfriend.

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