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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#14 - Wenzel Strict Military Discipline Spanking

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This time we have two versions of a Bill Wenzel cartoon, one posted by hugob00m on the CSR Forum and another we scanned from Mike's collection.

The manner of reproduction used in the first is not known; it looks too good to be an ordinary photocopy. The second, which is known to have been taken by Mike from an actual Humorama digest in the 1960's (almost certainly the Feb. 1968 issue of Cartoon Parade) reveals more detail and in particular more accurate contrasts. If you look carefully, you'll also see that the scanner light penetrated the paper, reproducing a reversed version of whatever cartoon was on the other side of the page. It's also clear that the original sources were not the same digest since the captions are printed differently even though they contain exactly the same words. We'll mention again that these cartoons were frequently "recycled", and it's a good thing they were because it gives us more chances to find them after so many years. Which one of these was printed first we can't say.

As to the cartoon itself, there isn't as much bending at the waist as we like to see, but Wenzel does the OTK position as well as it can be done when the spanker is seated on a couch, and our Brigadier General knows enough about a proper military spanking to use the correct hand! The spankee is a civilian with a characteristic tight-fitting dress. We suppose the General is making it clear to her that she's going to do things the army way from now on; at least, that's the best scenario we can come up with. Her expression is more startled than in most of Wenzel's "spankers", perhaps to indicate she wasn't aware she was going to be subjected to "military discipline". Or perhaps it's the unusual placement of the General's non-spanking hand, which seems to be scouting the hilly terrain.

Dan DeCarlo also did a General-spanking cartoon that we'll see later in this series, but the spankee there was a WAC, giving a semi-plausible excuse of genuine military discipline for the spanking.

humorama bill wenzel tight dress spanking

From hugob00m.

humorama bill wenzel tight dress spanking

Scanned from Mike's collection and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/01/2011.

humorama bill wenzel tight dress spanking

Modified by Oxken.

05/06/2011 Update: Once again, Oxken was moved to try his hand at altering one of our posts. As he explained,

"I very much liked the Wenzel 'military discipline' cartoon that you posted a couple of weeks ago. But as you pointed out, the positioning is a bit odd. I have used photoshop to move the girl and bend her a little (and reversed to give a right-handed spanker - was Wenzel himself left-handed?). I also removed the non-spanking hand. To rest your hand on a girl's bottom is very pleasant, but to do so while spanking her is a beginner's mistake."

We agree, and we think Oxken did a great job on this. By the way, we looked at the only photograph of Bill Wenzel in our possession to try to see a wristwatch or other evidence indicating whether he was right or left-handed, but couldn't find anything.

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