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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#27 - Homer F/F OTK Hairbrush Spanking

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humorama f/f girl spanking another for upstaging her

Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/10/2011.

Homer Provence, who always signed his work "HOMER," was probably the least prolific of the Humorama Big Five as we call them (the other four being Ward, Wenzel, Stiles, and DeCarlo), and in some ways, his technique seems less polished than theirs. And yet in the end we were forced to include him among the other masters of the spanking cartoon: he has a unique style with light humor and elegant, intelligent-looking women. In Homer's world we see none of Ward's sometimes brainless bimbos, or DeCarlo's clueless secretaries who never do quite catch on to the real reason the boss is spanking them.

Let's begin our mini-series of the last five of Homer's cartoons we have in our files with this rather atypical effort. This is one of only three known F/F scenes Homer ever did, and the only one of any kind to feature a hairbrush. We're going to hazard a guess that this is Bill Ward's influence - not perhaps so much that Homer wanted to emulate Ward as that he wanted to sell as many "spankers" to Abe Goodman as Ward did!

Although the caption (probably written by Goodman) suggests that boyfriend-stealing was the catalyst for this spanking, the pleasant smiles on both women's faces suggest a more playful scene. It might get a little intense considering that a hairbrush is the implement. The spankee's lower legs are thinner than Homer usually draws, and we like this proportion better. Fine OTK positioning, also.

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