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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#57 - Bill Ward Forget-Me-Not Spanking

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humorama bill ward forget me not spanking

Thought to be from the collection of Jeff Patton. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/28/2011.

We must admit that the spanker in this one by Bill Ward is on pretty shaky ground, blaming the spankee because she forgot to remind him not to forget to mail her letters (if we've got that right). The OTK positioning is appealing with the spankee's somewhat assymetrical rear raised high, but since her legs and hips are held above the spanker's lap leaving her supported only by her boobs, it's neither realistic nor, we would assume, very comfortable. No publication data is available yet.

humorama bill ward forget me not spanking

From Humorama (January 1963).

11/07/2014 Update: In the three years since we first posted this cartoon we have identified three printings - all except the original, which very likely appeared c. 1956. The second printing at left is from Humorama's flagship publication, Humorama (Jan. 1963). It is the best-quality of the three, allowing us to appreciate Ward's work on the spankee's stockings. Not Ward's best, but definately a good piece.

humorama bill ward forget me not spanking

From Popular Cartoons (January 1971).

The third appearance came in the January 1971 issue of Popular Cartoons. The seventies was basically an era of cheap-quality printing and it shows in this version. Of course it could also have been the photocopying process, but whichever it was, you can see tha Humorama in some ways was in decline during this period. One offsetting factor was that we believe they were buying a few more new cartoons again than they had been from the 1961-71 period, although this may not have begun until 1972, which seems to be the year the last of the digests was replaced by full-size magazines such as Popular Cartoons. Notice the caption has been changed as well.

humorama bill ward forget me not spanking

From Cartoon Fun and Comedy (October 1978). Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/07/2014.

The fourth (and we believe the final) printing came in the October 1978 issue of Cartoon Fun and Comedy. This is basically just a repeat of the third printing, and we have noticed that at this late stage, the editor was not even bothering to rewrite the captions any more. Indeed, whole sections seem to have been simply reproduced from the layout of third printings, perhaps using the camera-ready art, with different pin-up girls, however.

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