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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#64 - Election Bet Spanking

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bill wenzel election bet spanking in comedy riot #36

From Comedy Riot #36 (May 1957); thought to be from Jeff Patton's collection.

Bill Wenzel may very well have been the best gag man among the Humorama "Big Five" spanking cartoonists (the others being Ward, Stiles, DeCarlo, and Homer), at least in the variety of spanking situations he came up with. Losing a wager and having to pay with a spanking is so rare among the reasons a female spankee must submit to being turned OTK that this is the only example we can think of in the entire Humorama catalogue. It's a good gag and a fine cartoon, so we regret not having a better scan to bring to CSR readers at this time than this photostatic copy of its first appearance in the May 1957 issue of Comedy Riot.

Despite his talent for humor, Wenzel's "spankers" are often marred with compositional flaws such as bad OTK positioning or spanking with the wrong hand. Fortunately, he got everything right this time: sexy spankee with shapely bottom and clingy dress, good OTK positioning with right-angle bending at the waist and the target raised up nice and high, and spanker using the right hand. He looks very pleased about collecting on this particular bet, and we don't blame him!

Sharp-eyed readers may recognize our spanker here as the source for Chross's icon on his bulletin board.

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