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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#74 - Applying Psychology Where it Does the Most Good

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In this one by Kirk Stiles, we have a variation on the old "Applied Psychology" spanking gag, usually seen with juveniles - a long-suffering parent, fed up with both Junior's behavior and the advice of "experts" in child psychology, hauls the kid over his or her knee and applies the psychology book to the seat of his pants. In this case, our spankee apparently presented the spanker with the psychology book herself, then was surprised when he applied it where it would do her the most good. It's a fair gag well-executed by Stiles, and we have four versions to present.

stiles spanking with psych book stiles spanking with psych book

From Mike's collection, originally published in the February 1959 issue of Joker.

Source unknown, but appears to be a copy of first published version at left. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/03/2012 (Click to double-size).

Top left is the original printed version; top right is a copy of unknown origin. Below left is a reversed version with a different caption, probably from a 1960's reprint; below right is a scan of the original art, from which we can see that Stiles' original caption was the one used with the cartoon's first printing in 1959.

Stiles uses more spanking positions than Wenzel, DeCarlo, or Homer, here employing the rare "under the arm" position. The spankee's cami-knickers are fully exposed, and her expression conveys a sort of "I don't really want to be spanked, but I'll just have to accept it" air of resignation. Overall, a very good effort by Stiles.

stiles spanking with psych book reversed stiles spanking with psych book original art

Unknown reprint of the original. This one has been reversed for some reason.

The original art. (Click to triple-size).

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