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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#73 - A Hat Costs Her A Spanking!

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In this one by Kirk Stiles, the spankee-wife has a complaint: she doesn't mind being spanked, but she thinks it's a little too hard for a hat that cost only $12.95! You've got to love a gag like that, which pretty much came straight out of I Love Lucy - husband spanks wife for overspending! You wouldn't see anything like that today; it definitely came from a better time (December 1957 and Gaze magazine)before feminism took over. That version is not shown here, but we have two others.

At left is the one posted by Dan Rivera on the CSR Forum, while at right we have the one Mike extracted from an unknown Humorama digest back in the 1960's. Dan asks

"WHERE is the lady's right arm?"
It's a good question, and we would also draw attention to her impossibly-thin waistline. Now, Dan DeCarlo often drew wasp-waists also, but because his style inclines more to caricature he could get away with it. Stiles' women are often idealized but generally realistic (with the occasional oversize bust), so this looks like an anatomical error.

stiles expensive hat spanking stiles expensive hat spanking

We love Stiles' work, but have remarked elsewhere on his maddening inconsistency (something that DeCarlo, by comparison, was never guilty of). Another problem with Stiles is that the buttocks often look as if they were only extensions of the thighs; that is, they fail to be the furthest posterior region of the female body as they are in real life (in other words, if a woman moves backward toward a vertical wall, her butt will contact the wall before any other part of her body). You can see that problem here, plus the two sides are unequal.

From the collection of Dan Rivera, original source book unknown. (Click to double-size).

From Mike's collection. We think it was from Laugh Digest (Aug. 1966). Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 01/20/2012 (Click to double-size).

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