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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#87 - A Maid Meets Stern Requirements

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Dan DeCarlo shows once again that he can take the raw situational material from another artist and make it into something all his own. This time, Bill Ward's many maid spankings appear to have inspired DeCarlo to try his hand at one, and it has all his virtues: witty gag, adroit caricatures, shapely spankee nicely positioned OTK (although never appearing to have any weight - Hugob00m thinks DeCarlo drew his female figures first and then added the male), and satisfied spanker. "Stern requirements" of course has a double-meaning; that the spanker is an exacting taskmaster, which is how the maid means it, and that her "stern" meets with his approval. Actually, her rear end is a little less full and round than DeCarlo's best efforts, but not bad - judging from his satisfied expression, it certainly does meet her master's stern requirements!

The two versions below appear to us to have been taken from the original printing which we estimate was c. 1960. The one on the left is from an unknown source; the one on the right is from Dan Rivera and is his favorite of DeCarlo's many "spankers".

humorama dan decarlo man spanks maid

Photostatic copy from unknown source (click to increase in size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/04/2012.

humorama dan decarlo man spanks maid from dan rivera

From Dan Rivera (click to increase in size).

Two more versions: at left is one from Mike's collection that we later identified as coming from the August 1967 issue of Stare; at right is a rather odd alteration, by whom we don't know. Mike's has a different caption which is much inferior to the original (at least, what we believe to be the original) - "I'm going to have a hard time explaining this to your son!", which makes no sense at all. The alterations to the other are (1) Maid's face changed to modern sexualized visage with a nearly orgasmic expression; (2) maid's right arm repositioned (with part of it missing); (3) spanker's expression changed from satisfied to angry; (4) onlooker added with a pleased but vaguely sinister expression; and (5) picture removed from wall and replaced with a clock. If anyone can figure out what it all means, please let us know.

humorama dan decarlo man spanks maid

From Stare (Aug. 1967, Mike's collection; click to double-size).

humorama dan decarlo man spanks maid with alterations

Origin unknown. (click to increase in size).

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