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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#7 - A Spanking Breeze

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engleman spanking breeze

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/11/2011.

There are only so many gags you can make by playing on other meanings of the word "spank", and this is one of the better ones. "A spanking breeze" is indeed felt by this young lady as she goes sailing with a smartly-dressed young man. This is the first Humorama spanking cartoon by Earl Engleman we've presented (and still the only one known at the present time). The OTK positioning is good, and Engleman provides us with a full, shapely bottom that makes an attractive target and contributes considerably to the sexiness of the cartoon.

Engleman seems to concentrate his attention on the female anatomy, which is exaggerated but basically correct, while ignoring the anatomical rules for men. The poor guy seen here is going to need surgery on his elbow, his shoulder, or both the way Engleman has drawn his spanking arm, although he's having a very good time with it at the moment.

engleman surveyor office

Here's another Engleman cartoon that we took from the reverse side of of a spanking cartoon that was among those in Mike's collection. The emphasis is once again on the female figure, which Engleman does exaggerate but in a way we think is very attractive - and sexy! Looking at this secretary, it strikes us as a great pity that Engleman never did a secretary spanking cartoon as far as we know.

engleman spanking breeze

From the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 09/16/2011 (click to double-size).

09/16/2011 Update: Here is the original version of the cartoon as it appeared in the April, 1959 issue of Breezy. We can now see that someone slightly altered the version above to bare the spankee's bottom. It didn't take much, because Engleman drew tight-fitting shorts, so all the unknown artist had to do was erase the three wrinkles in the shorts (just above the spanker's right knee) and replace the line representing the shorts' hem with two bent lines representing taken-down panties. Voila! - a bare derriere. All things equal, we generally prefer spankings to take place on the bare, and Engleman came as close to a bare bottom as he could. That, plus the full, round behind, makes for a delectable target. Actually, by 1959 Humorama could probably have gotten away with showing bare bottoms, but editor Abe Goodman seems to have been rather conservative either in his tastes or simply in protecting himself from legal problems.

engleman spanking breeze colored by todd

Colorized by Todd.

Todd over at the American Spanking Society (A.S.S.) produced this colorized version a few years ago. Since we find color more erotic than black & white, we are predisposed to approve of such alterations. Besides, Todd did a nice job with the coloring!

engleman spanking breeze modified by coyote on fire

Fanny on Fire, as modified by Coyote On Fire.

The artist Coyote On Fire sent us this version he modified further from the one Todd had done, changing the caption and adding even more red to one particular region.

engleman spanking breeze modified by coyote on fire

Thanks to Oxken, from us and the spanker, whose arm must feel a lot better now!

Finally, Oxken decided that he might as well fix the spanker's arm, so he did and sent us his version.

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