A Kirk Stiles Secretary Spanked For Lateness

secretary locked in pillory about to be spanked

posted by the Web-Ed on 03/19/2010

For Spanked Secretaries #8, we have probably the most rarely-seen of all Kirk Stiles' many spanking cartoons. "For Ye Being Late" it says on the wall, and the tardy secretary is locked in the pillory to await her fate. "What are you going to do - brush my hair?" she asks innocently. The boss and the fellow in the background both have smiles on their faces, indicating they regard the coming spanking with pleasurable anticipation.

The pillory seems to date back to medieval times, and was used in America during the colonial period as a method of criminal punishment (when criminals were not normally sentenced to imprisonment). The idea was to humiliate the offender, but as there were no rules regarding his treatment once he was locked in place, people would sometimes throw eggs, rotten vegetables, or even rocks at him. Believe it or not, we actually still had a pillory in one of our high school classrooms, even though by then the colonial period had been over for several years.

We could find no record of corporal punishment being used in conjunction with the pillory - perhaps Stiles didn't know about the whipping post, or felt it might seem too harsh to be usable in a humor cartoon, or wanted to position the secretary partially bent-over. Personally, we like the spankee to be bending over at least half-way, but Stiles seems to have been comfortable having her bending only slightly forward from a standing position (see another example here).

If you run your own business, we'd recommend you consider carefully before installing a pillory like this one. It's possible that someone will object to this method of employee discipline, and we'd have to agree - the spanking of female employees should always be carried out in private, not in public. Use your common sense, for heaven's sake!

secretary locked in pillory about to be spanked

From the November 1959 issue of Jest. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/13/2012 (click to double-size).

Here is the first appearance of this unique pillory spanking, from the November 1959 issue of Jest. The much greater clarity of this version allows us to appreciate Stiles' control of the ink-wash. We have to wonder if this cartoon was ever reprinted, since the version above is apparently a photocopy of this one. We should also note that Stiles alone of the "Big Five" (the others being Ward, Wenzel, Stiles, and Homer) does the "one minute before the spanking" kind of anticipatory cartoon, of which this is an example.

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