Nik Zula Quality Check Spanking

slippers quality-checked by being used for spanking

Art by Nik Zula. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010

For the second in our series on the work of Nik Zula, we see that before accepting a job, it's best to know exactly what the job duties are. In this case, a young lady finds out that her role as quality inspector entails having slippers tested by being applied to her bare bottom. The slipper (or shoe) isn't used as a spanking implement as commonly in the U.S. as it is in Britain (where it is sometimes called a plimsoll), although Andy Griffith did spank Lucy Arnaz with one on the old T.V. series Here's Lucy (a much-underrated scene, by the way - the live audience actually cheered the spanking!).

Most spanking cartoonists combine humor with eroticism, with the relative proportions of each determined by the artist's style and goals. Many times the humorous aspect predominates, and we'd say this is true with Nik Zula, but he does balance the two. He exaggerates human anatomy enough for caricature while retaining enough realism (e.g. shapely bottoms) to make the fun sexy as well.

You can find his work at his Facebook Page and also at Deviant Art.

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