Nik Zula ALF (Alien Life Form) Spanking

alien spanks female astronaut

Art by Nik Zula. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/25/2010

The third in our series on the work of Nik Zula is our favorite of the three: a cute astronaut lands her spaceship on an alien planet, unfortunately in a "no parking" zone. The punishment? A spanking! Obviously, the alien civilization is an enlightened one.

We wrote last time about Zula's balancing of humorous caricature with realistic (sexy) proportions, and we think this is the sexiest of the three spankees. Did we mention that we like our humor on the sexy side? Oh, yes, we did - and there's something about the way this astronaut is drawn that makes us want to spank her ourselves ...

You can find Nik Zula's work at his Facebook Page and also at Deviant Art.

01/06/2012 Update: Coyote on Fire, who did such a good job colorizing Earl Engleman's A Spanking Breeze, lent his inks to Zula's drawing to produce this colorized version. We like it very much since, as we have mentioned before, we find color more erotic than black & white. In particular, the astronaut's bottom, already attractive in Zula's original, now becomes positively delectable with C.O.F.'s pink shading.

alien spanks female astronaut zula coyote on fire

Art by Nik Zula, colored by Coyote on Fire. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/06/2011

dude on fire by coyote on fire

Coyote on Fire's signature drawing.

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