Sleeper Spanking

spanking from the play the sleeper

This spanking technique is not recommended. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/17/2010

Our next spanking comes from an unlikely source - the Hippodrome State Theatre in Gainesville, Florida. And it's not a revival of Kiss Me Kate, either. This is from a production of The Sleeper, a modern play by Catherine Butterfield with which we are not familiar. We can't tell you what led up to this scene, but we can point out a few things wrong with the spanking (intended as constructive criticism, which is to say that we want better spanking).

  • In a spanking situation, it's best to dress for power. Wear good clothes and, if possible, a tie. Stripping down to your shorts is not recommended as it may make your spankee(s) wonder what you're up to. You want to look like a successful, powerful man your spankee can be comfortable submitting to. A grinning goofball in his underwear who looks like a Baywatch wannabe may well fail to inspire the necessary confidence.
  • Generally, we prefer one-on-one spankings. While it is permissible to spank two women on the same occasion, in this case, the second woman does not seem to be on board with the idea - o.k. in a purely disciplinary setting, but probably not when all three are in bed.
  • Speaking of which, our spankee here does look happy. Something has been left out - a warm up, a pre-spanking lecture, a guy who knows what he's doing - something.

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