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Although we favor free sites, we have included a few pay sites as well. The pay sites are noted as such. They are ones we have visited personally and believe offer reasonable value, but there is no financial connection between any of them and CSR. For the benfit of female readers who may have been put off in the past by some of the more tasteless and downright brutal sites out there, we have pointed out a few we think are particularly suitable for women.

Webmasters: If you're interested in appearing on this page, please send a note to the Web-Ed . I believe we in the spanking community should stick together, and given the limitations of internet search engines, the only way a lot of people are ever going to find us is through spanking-friendly links pages. We would be happy to exchange links with any site that is spanking-oriented, provided that it is free or at least has a substantial amount of free content. When we started out, we were less particular about this, but internet search engines are better than they used to be, and spammy requests from commercial sites are more obnoxious than they used to be.

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Spanking Groups

Groups that sponsor spanking parties and other social events. Meet your fellow spankos!

link to crimson moon CRIMSON MOON LTD. - The most important spanking social organization in the Midwest. They host the best spanking parties we have been to, mostly in Chicago but occasionally in Las Vegas. Very female-friendly. If you've never attended a spanking party before and would like to go, this is the place.
link to shadow lane Shadow Lane Banner SHADOW LANE - Hosts large parties open to both members and non-members out on the west coast and in Las Vegas (if there seems to be a lot of this kind of action in Vegas, remember that it's not called "Sin City" for nothing and really needs some good spanking!) They also feature a sizable selection of videos, fiction, some implements, and a personals section. Emphasis is on romantic discipline OTK-style. With Eve Howard as its guiding spirit, you know it has to be female-friendly. Part of the site is members-only.
link to my ddlife My DD Life DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE LIFE - A domestic discipline social network.
link to shadow lane TEXAS ALL STATE SPANKING PARTY - The site for this party, held in Dallas. Bottoms Up is the host organization.

Spanking Rings and Lists

link to Spanking & Punishment Top 100 Spanking & Punishment Top 100 - Webring of spanking sites
link to Society Directory SOCIETY DIRECTORY - A comprehensive web directory that was kind enough to list CSR. Covers groups from "Activism" to "Work".

Spanking Videos and Photos

link to Pacific Force PACIFIC FORCE - Another site based on the west coast (Calfornia's state motto should be "Making the rest of the nation's weirdos look normal by comparison"). Run by Jacqueline Omerta and Vinnie Spit, both long-time players in the scene. Many videos and some other products. Stylistically they are somewhere between Shadow Lane and Nu-West; that is, they feature a greater emphasis on discipline than does Shadow Lane, but they have more emotional warmth than Nu-West. Take a look and be amazed at how hard a tiny woman like Jacqueline can spank in these videos!
link to Nu-West NU-WEST - The Granddaddy of serious spanking material. We remember that in the days before home VCR's they dealt in 8mm film, while the only other stuff to be found was put out by producers of straight porn who treated spanking as a sideline -- and it showed. Nu-West was different: they were most definitely into the scene (and yes, they are located in California, that spanking Mecca). They have a huge collection of videos covering every possible spanking sub-category. Be advised, however, that some of this material is emotionally harsh and extremely heavy physically.
link to Spanking Bare Butts Spanking Bare Butts SPANKING BARE BUTTS - There are at least two things to like about this membership site: (1) their name is eloquent in its simplicity ("Spanking Bare Butts" - that's what our scene is about, after all); (2) Bryanna is both proprietor of and principal model on the site, and she is young, cute, and spankable. Female-friendly, with both M/F and F/F spanking offered.
link to Bars and Stripes Bars and Stripes BARS AND STRIPES - This membership site is geared towards real punishment spanking, the kind that used to take place inside correctional institutions in the English-speaking world (and which of course still takes place in some countries today). Receiving this kind of punishment is apparently a deep, dark fantasy of Leia-Ann Woods, who is featured on the site. One interesting thing about this site is the number of models they feature who are genuinely into spanking (such models must be in short supply -- we would think that many sites are lucky to find any women willing to take reasonably hard spankings at all). In addition to Leia-Ann, they have Niki Flynn, Amelia-Jane Rutherford, and Amy Hunter, all three well-known models from other sites who are genuinely into spanking, plus about 16 other models we don't know. While our personal preference is for loving correction, if you like tough, institutional discipline, you should check this site out. (Personal note to Leia-Ann - if we are ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to cane you, we promise to administer the strokes in a warm, bright setting instead of a prison cell, and to give you a great big hug afterward!)
link to Vintage Spanking VINTAGE SPANKING - as its name would suggest, this site features very early spanking photos - many apparently taken before 1950. As remarkable as they are, for the most part we consider these old pictures more as sociological documents than as contemporary erotica. Frankly, it's hard to imagine that anyone was ever excited by this stuff. But it is quaint and rather interesting - check it out to see something of what spanking was like in the good old days.
link to Spank That Brat spank that brat SPANK THAT BRAT - The real-life spankings given by Audrey to Abigail, two young women who are genuinely into spanking. Actually, we've seen Abigail before, on the pay site Firm Hand Spanking . We never thought of her as being particulary bratty, but as long as she gets spanked, we're not going to argue the point. We're not familiar with Audrey, but understand she's recently been spanked by Dallas, who is still probably the hardest hand-spanker around. Both girls have interesting biographical notes posted on the site, and while our preference will always be for M/F spanking, these two make an undeniably adorable F/F couple. They also have a blog here .
link to Cinema Swats cinema swats banner CINEMA SWATS - We've mentioned these compilations several times, but weren't aware of an actual web site where you could order them until this year, when we ran into Bill Sova at a Crimson Moon party, and we promised we'd post this link. Of course that was some months ago (honest, Bill, we just misplaced your business card!). If you're interested in Movie and T.V. spankings, then we would recommend these collections since they are fairly comprehensive.
link to corporal correction studios CORPORAL CORRECTION STUDIOS - featuring photos and streaming videos. Pay site.
link to free spanking pictures FREE SPANKING PICTURES (Spanking Photo Blog) - now this is our kind of blog: regularly updated with all kinds of photos of spanking, paddling, and caning - some from recent web postings, others from old scans. And it's all FREE!
link to free spanking pictures JANUS WORLDWIDE - one of the oldest and most important sources of spanking material. You've seen their photos even if you didn't know it, scanned from 80's or 90's Janus and Februs magazines and displayed on spanking sites all over the Web (we've even got a few here on CSR). They have an online shop with digital editions of their classic magazines, classified ads, and special features. Check it out!

Spanking Implements

link to Caniac Can_iac CAN-IAC - We discovered this low-profile site when we realized some of our viewers had come to CSR from it. Deciding to check it out, we were pleasantly surprised to find both rattan and delrin canes at very affordable prices, with some wood paddles thrown in for good measure. We've received a few of the canes and are quite pleased with them. Plus, the cane-mistress offers something we spankos need badly - hand-sewn cloth protective cases for our canes and paddles! We've been looking a long time for something like this, to improve on our former practice of wrapping them up in el-cheapo towels.

Spanking Fiction

link to spanking storybook SPANKING STORYBOOK - This site is run by Faith and is all (and we do mean all) about spanking fiction. It only recently came to our attention when Faith let us know she had reviewed CSR as an aside during a conversation we were engaged in on the Crimson Moon bulletin board. There are reviews of online spanking stories (free only) and free stories by Faith. Submissions are also being accepted. If you like M/F romantic spanking fiction, be sure to check out this site.

Spanking Art and Cartoons

link to nik zula NIK ZULA - spanking art that deftly combines humor with sexiness.
link to Brian Tarsis tarsis banner BRIAN TARSIS - Many artists have done spanking and bondage work over the years, but very few of them are in the same class as Brian Tarsis. We're not art critics, but his approach to spanking art always seemed to us more in keeping with that of a fine artist than anyone else's (Paula Meadows has a classical technique also, but her style is completely different). Tarsis reminds us a little of Rockwell Kent, a fine-arts illustrator of an earlier era, though we don't know that Kent was an actual influence - like we said, we're not art critics. The only reason we haven't (knowingly) featured Tarsis' work on CSR is that we thought most of it was still for sale by the artist himself and we didn't want reduce its value.

Recently it was brought to our attention by Tony Elka at Shadow Lane that it was Brian who did the "Batgirl spanks Robin" piece we have on display in our Comics section. We're embarassed to admit we didn't immediately recognize his style. We have updated our page here . If you have any interest at all in spanking art, be sure to visit Brian's site.

link to animeotk animeotk animeotk ANIMEOTK - A fantastic source of spanking drawings in the Japanese anime style (and some Western-style ones too) varying in quality from obviously amateur to fully professional. There are even some short videos of spanking scenes taken from Japanese cartoons. The contributors and administrators are obviously dedicated members of the spanking scene.
link to wolfie's naughty girls NAUGHTY GIRLS - Original spanking and bondage art by our long-time friend and contributor Wolfie (Sabre Wolf) (formerly known as "Delightful Discipline" when it was its own website). Highly recommended!
link to secret identity THE SECRETS BEHIND SECRET IDENTITY - this is about the fetish art of Joe Shuster, the co-creator (with Jerry Siegel) and original artist of Superman. Information about Craig Yoe's book Secret Identity, which details this little-known side of Shuster. There is some spanking-themed material here, but we don't know the details, and in fact we hadn't known that Shuster had ever done this kind of material. The book would be of interest to those who are really into early comics history, or for that matter early fetish art - there can't have been too much before this time (early 50's).
link to poser CP art poser cp art banner POSER CP ART - A variety of fantasy situations using Poser figures. Custom work is accepted if you want to see your spanking ideas visualized. There is a free area with illustrated narratives.
link to poser CP art HANDPRINTS SPANKING ART AND STORIES - stories and many art galleries, including the largest collections of child spankings in comics that we have ever seen, and which we have referred to for our own Comics Spanking Data Base. Although we have no personal interest in child comics spankings, we recognize that there are legitimate reasons for having such an interest (nostalgia, cultural studies, sociology, etc.). Overall, there is a great deal of material here, all of it free.
link to spanking art spanking tales and tunes banner SPANKING TALES AND TOONS - Celebrating the spanking of beautiful women through stories, comics and cartoons.

Spanking Blogs

True blogs (i.e., that utilize blogging software from a third party such as Google)

link to spanking insight SPANKING INSIGHT - discussions of spanking psychology. Female-friendly.
link to My Bottom Smarts Bonnie's profile pic MY BOTTOM SMARTS - I'm sure it does, for Bonnie (whose blog and bottom these are) is regularly spanked by her husband, sometimes having to bend over and receive swats with a good-sized paddle (yes!). Bonnie views spanking as a prelude to passionate lovemaking, and has a great sense of humor. This last is in short supply in the spanking world, and something we value a great deal here at CSR. In addition to writing about her own spankings, Bonnie writes spanking fiction, gives advice, conducts spanking tutorials (valuable to a man who needs to know what spanking women want), and composes spanking-themed parody songs. Obviously female-friendly.
link to Chross CHROSS - this blog features film clips and pictures, with direct access to some other of Chross' resources (spanking movie data base, spanked celebrities, comic books). Lots of material here, including the largest "Kiss Me Kate" collection and the most extensive spanking movie data base we have ever seen. The discussion board has a lot of excellent posts on the subject of comic-book spankings (putting modesty aside, since we're responsible for a few of them ourselves).
link to House of Richard Windsor Richard Windsor THE HOUSE OF RICHARD WINDSOR - Lots of pictures and videos, many of which are not readily available elsewhere, especially some very early (pre-1950) photos. You'll see Richard's photos turn up on other spanking sites, even (occasionally) on CSR.
link to Richard Windsor's Vintage Spanking pics Richard Windsor's Vintage Spanking Photos RICHARD WINDSOR'S VINTAGE SPANKING - This is Richard's second site, dedicated to eventually displaying tons of early spanking photos from his personal collection.
link to Spankful Delight SPANKFUL DELIGHT - The stories and thoughts of Purple Angel, a friend of ours.
link to Spanking Blog SPANKING BLOG "Adult erotic spanking at its best" - We don't know too much about SpankBoss, but this has to be one of the oldest spanking blogs, dating from the time before every Tom, Dick, and Harry jumped on the blogging bandwagon. Regularly updated, and with some bondage stuff also.
link to spanking storybook SPANKING MINNESOTA - We've been acquainted with Doc Ken for some time through the Crimson Moon spanking parties, where we've both been fixtures for many years, but until quite recently we did not know he was running this blog. Ken focuses primarily on spankings and spankable women from movies and T.V., but he does cover material from the 'net as well, and has even featured comic book material, as we will explain in more detail in the "Riverdale Spankings" entries of our own COMICS section.
link to wolfietoons DAVE WOLFE (Wolfietoons) - Dave Wolfe's humorous spanking cartoons. Since they've appeared everywhere else, including on CSR, Dave apparently decided he might as well get in on the action and host some of his own work! If you like the old Humorama spanking cartoons of Dan DeCarlo and others, or if you just like humor and spanking, you'll be interested in this one.
link to dull tool dim bulb hub DULL TOOL DIM BULB - The "hub" from which you can reach Jim Linderman's network of sites on art, photography and culture. Jim has written several books on these subjects and features a lot of vintage photography, including some nice bondage and spanking stuff.

Personal Sites

Personal sites that are true websites in their own right and not blogs

link to the spanking report THE SPANKING REPORT - In common with CSR and The Spanking News, this blog is "dedicated to bringing you the best in hard spanking news". Lots of videos extracted from the web, which is useful to us because we concentrate on other types of spanking material. They gave us a nice mention recently (03-21-2008).
link to Scarlet Hill Scarlett Hill Banner SCARLETT HILL - Run by genuine spanking enthusiasts Barbara and Michael, this site features an extremely diverse range of offerings, including e-Magazines (downloadable PDF format), Letters, Fiction, Personal Ads, and of course Videos. If you can't find something of interest here, then you're just not into spanking! Very female-friendly.
link to The Cherry Red Report Cherry Red Report THE CHERRY RED REPORT - This blog is an eclectic mixture of photos and drawing, with personal commentary by Dave. It has probably the largest number of links to other spanking sites we have ever seen. Female-friendly.
link to The Spanking News THE SPANKING NEWS - This site has a goal similar to CSR's (enriching the spanking scene), but utilizes a different approach to achieving it. The Spanking News has the look and feel of an online newspaper, with sections for News, Entertainment, Classified Ads, Sports (yes) etc., with more in-depth articles and feature stories. Like a newspaper, there are lots of photos, and there are also some neat spanking animations as well. Highly recommended, and certainly female-friendly.
link to All Things Spanking ALL THINGS SPANKING - This site did us the honor of featuring a couple of our articles, so the least we can do is link back to it. It's actually a rather unusual site - it's billed as "eclectic", which it certainly is - looking rather like a custom-designed blog. It's definitely worth checking out, and female-friendly.
link to spanking storybook THE SPANKING SPOT - Run by Brushstrokes, this site features the most comprehensive list available of updates from other spanking sites, with plenty of free pictures from each one. There are also extensive site reviews and commentaries. We're not sure how Brushstrokes manages to keep up with all the internet spanking goings-on, but if you want to do the same, be sure to take a look.
link to spanking storybook THE BDSM GARDEN - "In The Garden, we, as Dominants, submissives, Masters, slaves, switches, Tops, bottoms, and kinky folk explore the lifestyle of D/s, the concept of power exchange, and the BDSM fetishes that may be involved in the personal pleasures of those involved in the Lifestyle. The Garden provides a sanctuary for those wishing to learn, to nurture their personal growth, and to fulfill their interests in BDSM and the lifestyle of Domination and submission. In discussion with others about the lifestyle, experiences and ideas, we learn from each other, furthering our own growth within the lifestyle."

Links to Chicago Area Professional Ladies Who Spank

Somewhat surprisingly, we have received a number of requests from males looking for women to spank them. We say "surprisingly" because our own orientation is non-switchable Top, which is reflected in the overwhelmingly M/F viewpoint and content of this site, so we would have thought ourselves to be an unlikely source of information on this topic for these fellows to turn to. Nonetheless, we're complimented by these expressions of trust in our knowledge of all things spanking in Chicago. Also, recent changes in the Eros Guide have made it more difficult for local dominatrices to be listed there, so we'll do what we can to help out both groups at the same time.

There are a lot of pro dommes in the area, and most if not all of them will do spanking scenes. However, not all of them have a personal interest in spanking; for some, it's just another fetish they're willing to accomodate. The ladies listed here have all expressed a genuine fondness for corporal scenes, and are known to us through social networking sites, parties, interviews, or Chicago area fetish events. This list is by no means comprehensive - although we certainly get around the Chicago BDSM scene and know a lot of people who are involved in it, we can't be everywhere or know everyone. Nonetheless, if you're looking to get spanked, paddled, or caned by a lady, we think you'll find this list a pretty good place to start. Press the black button of doom if you dare!

link to mistress madeline MISTRESS MADELINE - "I love all types of corporal punishment, but my all-time favorites are OTK hand spanking and caning while the bottom is bent over something. Something about the humiliating act of making someone drop their pants around their ankles or hike up their skirt around their waist, then bend over you until they're against your lap is so intense. The closeness and ability to hold them still against you definitely makes for a more sensual experience. I would guess I have over three dozen canes in a variety of materials, diameters, and lengths. I love the feel of the cane in my hand, the noise as it whirs through the air, and the crack as it lands on the bottom's arse."
link to mistress stephanie MISTRESS STEPHANIE - A genuine spanko who combines maturity, skill, and compassion, Stephanie sincerely enjoys administering a good spanking, paddling, or caning.
link to mistress xena MISTRESS XENA - A buxom mistress with a flair for performance, she has appeared in numerous fetish magazines and films. Xena likes all forms of corporal punishment, possessing a definite sadistic streak.
link to cassandra park MS. CASSANDRA PARK - "The Corporal Consultant," a lady who specializes in CP and someone we've exchanged correspondence with. We can recommend her without hesitation, although she's based in New York, not Chicago. So if you're tired of the high taxes and high murder rate here in the Windy City, you can always go to the Big Apple, where the murder rate is almost as bad and the taxes are even worse, and pay a visit to Ms. Park!

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