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Josie and the Pussycats: Alexandra's Caboose

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alexandra rubbing her sore bottom

Nice bottom-rubbing, but unfortunately it's after a pratfall rather than a spanking.

A couple of years after the Archie gang was animated at Filmation, another Archie feature, Josie and the Pussycats, was made into a cartoon series by the larger animation studio Hanna-Barbera. While Josie was spanked in the comics and also displayed a post-spanking bottom in a one-page gag pinup, there was no way we were going to be treated to an actual spanking in either cartoon series. Still, Josie's nemesis Alexandra Cabot did take a number of whacks and pokes to her behind, and Robin, who provided us with his collection of Archie comics spankings and near-spankings, recently brought a compilation of these, entitled "Alexandra's Caboose", to our attention. Although technically not spankings, these are as close as we're going to get from a cartoon of that era, and one scene in which Alexandra gets whacked by a door very nearly qualifies as a true spanking.

There is so much interest in the Archie and Josie characters (see e.g. these posts by JimC and Butch - Butch even mentions "that spoiled brat Alexandra" specifically) we decided to go ahead and re-edit the compilation from its original form on YouTube. In addition, we're also embedding a YouTube player with the original version for the curious. Our edited version removes some extraneous material, adds still frame titles for each of the seven individual scenes, and changes the order of one scene.

drill bit about to poke Alexandra's rear

You might think it unlikely that a steel drill bit would poke through the hull in just the right place to get Alexandra in the caboose, but it happens. This was probably the most outrageous of the seven incidents, the rest of which were fairly standard slapstick routines you might have seen fifty years earlier in Vaudeville.

Alexandra about to get whacked in the rear by a door

Ordinarily, getting whacked in the butt by a door would not be a spanking, but it might qualify if someone opens the door for that specific purpose. In this case, the door is operated by remote control, by Alexandra's cat Sebastian!

Alexandra bends over and gets poked by a bull's horn

Alexandra decides to take a bow at the wrong moment: bending over sticks her bottom out just far enough so that a nearby bull's horn finds its mark. Yes, it would have been better with a paddle, but there's no way that would have happened with these characters (although come to think of it, Hanna-Barbera had done that Flintstones paddling not so many years before).

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Here is the original version by BishopBerkley from YouTube.

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